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How we did it - TV Advert for Sky

Incite Video is a Production company I work with a lot. WIth the amount of kit I have I was the preferred camera op for a TV ad they had to create. We had 4 days shooting over the Uk.

So what was the project, Apprentify, one of Incites clients had won a slot with Sky advertising and we had the job of creating a 30 second ad that would run on Sky. Along with testimonials and other content for Apprentify.

I must say this was an amazing project and I loved working with Adam and the team. They had all of the pre production sorted, storyboards, call sheets everything. It was great for me as a Camera Operator to turn up, know what we wanted to film and leave. Directing was left to Adam and Kira whilst the DOP side of directing was my responsibility.

With such a project being broadcast on TV it was essential to understand the technical requirements for the broadcaster to approve. I know that my Sony FS5ii is an approved camera shooting Full HD 4:2:2 10 bit. I must say shooting in S Log and recording directly into the Blackmagic assist in ProRes made the final image beautiful. I was very happy with the recordings personally. You can see some BTS below and some shots that we captured.

You can see the workflow was made easy with my wireless directors monitor allowing Adam and his team to see the footage whilst I was filming. It also makes it more ergonomic when filming in tight spaces and conducting interviews.

So out of the 4 days we visited 3 companies to film there involvement with Apprentify and the 4th day was spent in a studio filming with an actor for all of the extra content. It was a great pleasure to film these shots with complete freedom. It really added to the story being able to capture these shots.

This was such a great opportunity for me to experience life as a Camera operator and not just a one man band Videographer. I am most looking forward to the next shoot with Incite Video.


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