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Freelance Lighting Camera Operator 

Experienced Camera Operator in the Midlands UK.


Offering the professional video tools to tell your story. Please take a look at my showreel below. And scroll even further if you dare. Take a look at some awesome behind the scenes images and the all important kit list. 

Based in Leicester I am 2 minutes away from the motorway heading north or south on the M1 and west on the M69, an ideal location for travelling in any direction. I work throughout the UK and have experience working throughout Europe and the world.

Credits and Clientele

Since 2014 I have filmed and edited a lot of different video content, including Documentaries, Corporate and Advertising, along with Social Media and Branded content. Take a look at my credentials as a Camera Operator below.

Time to talk about Kit

I know more than anyone how important equipment is. So please take look at my kit list below. If you have any questions about my kit and want to know more please drop me an email -


Sony FX6

Full Frame Sensor, 4k Recording and Full HD, up to 480 fps Slow Motion, 10 bit 4.2.2 recording, S-Log 2/3

2x Sony A7IV

Full Frame Sensor, 33MP image, Full HD and 4K Recording, 10 bit 4.2.2, Up to 120fps Slow Motion, S-Log 2/3


1x 220D Small Rig LED Light

2x Interfit 60w LED Heads

2x 660 Led Lights 

2x Strip RGB Lights 

2x 1/2 Panels 

3x Tungsten Lights + Softboxes 

4x Lighitng Stands 

2x C Stands 

1x Reflector Holder 

2x Big Reflectors 

3x Small Reflectors 

2x Lumecube Kits

2x Octo Softbox with grids


Photography Strobe Kit & Triggers


Sigma 24mm - E

Sigma 35mm - E

Sigma 50mm - E

Sigma 85mm - E

Sigma 70mm (Macro) - E

Sigma 24 - 70mm - E

Metabones - EF to E

Sony 70 - 200mm - E

Sony 10 - 18mm - E

Sony 16 - 50mm - E 

Sony 18 - 105mm - E

E - Sony E Mount

EF - Canon EF Mount



2x Sennheiser Wireless Lapel 

2x Rode Wireless Filmmaker Lapel 

Rode Wireless Go 2 

Sennheiser Wireless XLR

Rode Video Mic Pro

Rode NTG2

Zoom H5

All cables and connectors needed


Satchler Ace M Tripod 75mm

DJI Ronin RS2 

Kenro Tripod 75mm

Benro Monopod 

Manfrotto Slider 60cm 

Glidegear DNA 5050 Steadicam 

Zhiyun Crane 2 Gimbal 

Hague 15ft Crane 

Glide Gear Vest & Arm (for steadicam)

Shoulder Rig 

Matte Box 

Various Grip Equipment


Mavic Air 2S - 5.4K Recording

BlackMagic Assist 5" Monitor (ProRes)

Zacuto View Finder 

Zhiyun Crane Remote + Follow Focus

Filters and Step Rings 

Tilta Wireless Follow Focus 

Teleprompter complete set

Wireless video/director system

Accsoon Cine Eye Pro 2 Wireless

ATEM Mini Pro 

7" Direcotrs Monitor (4k Feelworld)

DJI Raven Eye Wireless for Gimbal

If behind the scenes are your thing...

Its not always easy to understand what I do and what I offer, I do love behind the scenes images and video, so take a look below at these shots and maybe help you understand a little bit more about what I do and what I offer. If you want more then head over to Instagram @ DomWhitingMedia for updates and new BTS all the time.

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About Dom

I don't like to brag but apparently in this section about me, I have to. So let's do it. I am a person who loves tech and I've always been a 'behind the scenes' kind of guy. So what job better than a Camera Op, I live behind the scenes and it's all about technology. I found myself falling into this industry as a child studying my GCSE and then into A Levels where I found myself applying for University. Anyway jump forward a little bit and I was building a clientele of corporate clients creating videos for them.


As time has gone on I've developed my skills as a Camera Operator, invested into a lot of equipment and love making videos. Seeing the videos I've made in the real world is an incredible feeling. I use to juggle the whole video production process, but as time has gone on, I have discovered I am best suited and most happiest behind the camera. And thats why you'll find me here offering myself as a Freelance Cam Op. So lets work together!

I worked with Dom to produce videos for my clients. It was a huge pitch for the NHS. Dom took the brief and nailed it on the first draft with only tweaks made after.

Adam - Trident

Useful legal bits

If you've made it this far I'd like to make you aware of a few things;

Asset 5_4x.png

Public Liability

As a freelance Camera op I come with £5m Public Liability insurance for peace of mind.

Asset 3_4x.png


I'd like you to know I have a full UK Driving license with zero points. I also drive my own car with full insurance including equipment.

Asset 6_4x.png


All of the equipment listed above is insured making a shoot day with me stress free and covered.

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