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Freelance Commercial Videographer

Experienced Videographer in the Midlands UK. Offering the professional video tools you need to tell your story and grow your audience.

Freelance Commercial

Every business, brand, charity and event needs quality Video Production. Its Video that tell's a story and inspire's us to take action. Whether you're building your brand or making the best first impression possible. Video is everywhere.

We watch it for many reasons and the application of Video is endless. Dom Whiting Media offers many types of video and different applications for video. Take a look on the Videography page to see plenty of examples. 

Dom Whiting Media has become an experienced Videographer in the Midlands UK, Trusted by many in all different sectors and industries. I've been fortunate to offer the best quality videos you need to tell your story and grow your business since 2014. So lets have a chat ?

How we can work Together

As a Freelance Videographer / Camera Operator, there are many different ways I work with Clients, Campaniles an Agencies. 

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Full Production

Create stunning visual content from start to finish with Dom. This includes the Pre Production, Filming and Editing. One person, one vision

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Filming Only

With the equipment and skill set, use Dom for filming only. A camera operator where you can then use your own editor / team to create the final product.

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Part of the Team

Work smart, not harder and utilise Dom as part of your existing team whether that be Marketing dept, Sales dept etc. To use what you've got and add a different skillset as and when.

Take a look at some case studies

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