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What can video do for you?

There are so many different ways you can use video in your business. I want to talk quickly about a few of them and how they may benefit you. Website's and social media use to be fine when it was all text based, and then we all used photos, now we need quality videos! Videos are very bespoke and there is many different types to solve the problems in your business.

  • Testimonial Video - Word of mouth is so important to your business, sometimes our customers don't talk to each other but testimonials and case studies on your website help them. Problem is, are you sure they will read all of your testimonials? Video testimonials are much stronger and emotive than text on a screen, let your new customers hear the emotion and sell for you.

  • Lifestyle Video - We know you can buy any fizzy drink on the market, there is thousands, but why do you choose what you do? Its the lifestyle that they sell with the drink, how do they portray your life when drinking a certain drink. Your product may be one of many similar, but why you? Stand out and sell the lifestyle with your product.

Midlands Photographer

  • Trainning Video - Training takes a lot of time and energy from your business let alone the cost of running the training. Imagine saving all that time, energy and money by using video for training. Not to mention the consistency and quality of training. Play it over and over again, the same quality, the same information, how would that help your business?

  • Product Video - When buying something we need to see a picture, more and more now we are looking online for product videos, how does the product work and how do we use it. Ever been online looking at a product and not sure if its right for you. cant find the answer in the specs? People don't like taking the risk and this could end in them leaving without buying.

  • Concept Video - When your product or service is only a concept, it can be hard to advertise to your customers. Use the power of video and animation to show off your upcoming product or service. Connect with them early on and help them believe in you.

Dom Whiting Media Videographer

This is only a few kinds of video which your business might benefit from. How many videos do you watch per day? How many videos do your customers watch? Make sure they are watching one of yours.

For more statistics on why and how video is so important, drop me a message or come back and find my future article on the statistics.

Please head over to my showreel to see the quality of the video production you and your business can benefit from.


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