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I need a video for my business, where do I go?

What are your options for creating video? Watch this small video to explain your best options for getting a Video made.


The Video Production and Media industry is not very clear and there are many different job titles and options for creating video. I want to quickly explore your options for getting a video made.

There are three positions that stand out to me, Video Production Company, Employed Team Member or Freelance Videographer (Me). There are other options but these are the big three if you need to create a video.

Hiring a Video Production company is great for large projects, if you know theres lots of logistics involved and something mega creative where you need Hollywood CGI Animation skill set, then these are the people for you. It's also a great idea if you don't have time and want them to handle the project from start to finish. However, this option can be very expensive and I would say takes longer for the project to be completed, In my experience. Theres a lot of team members working on your video, great in some respects, but in others not a great idea depending on your circumstance and business.

Another popular option is to Hire someone in your team, its a cheaper alternative than a big video production company, and a much quicker option. Someone that works for you all year creating video content, not like a production company that have many other clients just like you. This option may work wonders for some companies but do you have enough demand for videos to employ someone full time?

I worry about the skill set and selection of equipment when hiring someone internal. As a business owner you'll be purchasing the equipment and its highly unlikely that you can hire someone who has any specialist skill set areas, will just be a jack of all trades, master of none kind of person.

Now there are great benefits to either of these options, but there are also some downfalls, some of which Ive just highlighted. What's the third option then?

For a company that cant employ someone, or splash the cash on a production company, then a freelance Videographer is the one for you. A lot of people hear the word videographer and associate us with weddings. Thats not the case at all. We are highly experienced video creators offering the professional tools and services that you need.

Benefits of a Freelance Videographer are;

  • Affordable

  • Extension of the team

  • Experienced

  • Specialist in certain areas

  • Local to you

  • Quick and Effective

As a freelance I act as an extension of your team, making the process very quick and communicating effectively. It really is the best of both worlds. It saves you money as we work together to create your videos, you can take on some of the tasks such as scripting (You know best what you want in the video) as well as the schedule, that becomes a team effort. Imagine me, an external supplier, coming in and trying to schedule your employees and finding out what we can do, where and when?

If you need a video creating for your business, and want to know more about the benefits then drop an email to


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