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Thought about Video Testimonials?

Take a look at this video and tell me you think video testimonials aren't valuable.

Word of mouth referrals are amazing, the ultimate way to get more business, but its not always possible for your customers to meet and pass a word of mouth referral.

The next best thing I beleive is testimonials, now I have many testimonials myself, they are great, they allows your customers to read about how you work and how you deliver your services etc. Now my problem with testimonials is reading and interpreting the emotion. I have no idea how the person wrote this testimonial, they could have written it in a tone of pure excitement, but the way I'm reading it, isn't so great. Potentially missing out on business ?

Don't give your future clients the option to misinterpret your testimonials, with a video testimonial. Your prospective clients get to see and hear the emotion and tone that your clients are (hopefully) praising your services.

If you've read any of my other blog posts then you'll know its not only beneficial to get the message across and emphasise the emotion and tone, but viewers also retain 95% of information when watching a video, then 10% of the message when reading.

Imagine how long it would take for your prospective clients to rad a full testimonial, and imagine how long it would take them to watch a video with the same testimonial ? Convenience your future clients by allowing them to watch a video with your testimonials in.

For more information on testimonial videos then drop an email to


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