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School Promotional Video Production

It has become an essential and an expectation for schools, colleges and educational environments, to have a video on their website. I've been fortunate enough to film and produce many school videos, some you'll see in this page.

Why is it so important ?

The education sector has become very competitive with the privatisation and schools turning into academies. Parents now have choice, and schools need the children in classrooms. Its became more of a typical business model than before. Where marketing and advertising is at the forefront of the schools minds.

Video is a very powerful tool for schools now, the best form of marketing and advertising they had before was a prospectus, and they come in many shapes and sizes. These prospectus brochures contain a lot of text, some nice images and great design, but we know its been hand picked and there isn't a massive sense of honesty. A video however, lets parents and guardians see the school environment, hear from children themselves and get a better insight to life at these schools.

There are a few different types of video a schools needs;

#1 Promotional Video

90 - 120 seconds is a great length for a school promotional video. Too long and the viewer switches off, too short and its not for filled the viewers requirements. 2 minutes isn't a long time, but for more detialed and specific questions they want answering, they have a website with lots of text to find their answers. The purpose of this promotional video is to get a visual understanding of what life is like at this school. See the teachers and children, see the environment, and build a relationship with the school. These videos will include some talking from the staff, some pupil interviews and lots of cutaway shots of the school, real life school. This is almost like getting a taster, you get a good flavour for the school, without investing lots of time reading prospectus brochures and websites.

#2 Curriculum Video

If you've ever read a curriculum, there are lots of charts, graphics and staticistc of what children will be learning. A video is the step between knowing nothing, and knowing everything about the school curriculum. The curriculum is the school and its important to find the right one for your child. A video takes the key features, puts personality and personality behind these words on the curriculum. Hear and see for yourself what is written in these curriculum documents.

#3 Interview / Testimonial Videos

There are many people you might want to hear from, and this is for everything in life, whether your buying a car, investing in a new computer, you want to hear it from others what there experience has been like. And this is no different in schools. Reputable interviews and testimonials from parents are invaluable, hearing and speaking with real life parents puts trust and personality into the viewer. Same with students, and in a video format you can see and hear the innocents and truth behind their words. Not words that have been written, changed and published by adults.

So there are many ways that video can impact and boost business for your school. It's one tool that can help with many tasks, and a new essential and expected resource for new parents and children.

If you need a school promotional video please get in touch and watch some of my previous examples in this page. Call or email me at and 07803070463


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