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Let's Play a Game!

There are so many options to you as business owner, you don't always know what to post. Let's play a game to see what format is the best for your key message.

So out of the 3 most common options of post, which is your favourite? If you've watched the video already, you'll know the three im talking about. A blog or text post (like this), an Image post and a video.

Before I start, A small disclaimer to say that all three types of social media posts are valuable and very effective if used in the right way. Video doesn't replace the need for text or image posts, but are much more effective.

A small statistic for you, viewers retain 95% of information from watching a video, compared to 10% of the information when reading. Thankfully this blog post has a video that explains it all, because according to that stat, you won't remember what you're reading now.

So with that stat in mind, how are you currently advertising and marketing yourself to customers and clients ? It is very easy to just write a post, but are your customers stopping and reading that post to advertise your amazing services? And if they do stop and read your post, how much of that information will be retained?

If you watched the video above, out of the three post, which one drawn your eye? Which one did you look at ?

It's because of the Music, Emotion, Action and Supporting Imagery that makes the video grab your attention, and it's also these elements that help you remember the message and communicate with you.

So for your next big post, next big marketing launch or advert, I recommend using video to get your message across, clearly, effectively and quickly.

Although this is a brief demonstration to show you the power of video through a little game, If you want to find out more about video and video marketing the please drop an email to


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