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How we did it - Yoga App Video Content

Another amazing shoot early 2022 was a Yoga studio creating an App. We were given the task to create 43 videos in 2 Days.

43 Videos in 2 days didn't sound too hard at first, but when we found out some of these videos are 30 minutes long, the hours in the day became very valuable. The hard work was done for us, as Katie from Body to Baby already planned the yoga sessions we were about to film. Not only planned them, but hosted them too which mean the talent and content was already sorted.

As you'll see from the pictures Katie's studio in Hinckley was very nicely decorated so the art department (Me and the Director) had a nice easy ride here too. A few tweaks and changes but the room was amazing.

So how did we do it, we filmed these sessions 'As Live' with 2 cameras. The cameras of choice were Sony FS5ii. We had one locked off with the front view made the A Cam, and the B Cam set off to the left side capturing the B Roll and details of the yoga sequences. We had some very nice lenses set up on the camera with shallow depth of field creating the clients desired look. Imagine the amount of footage and data we had, now thankfully this was only required in HD and 4K was not needed. That was a nice relief.

Lighting was very important for this project, we wanted it to feel nice and bright with a clean and simple look. We had a nice three light set up all diffused and focused on Katie. Even the photos we took came out amazing with the videos lights we set up. 1 Hair light, 1 Key and 1 Fill. We used Godox Bowen mount lights.

A couple of extra details of how we made this happen, the sound was a problem for this shoot, the studio is on the second floor of a building, in the town centre, we had so many buses pass, cars and people all going about there day. We had Katie wear a Radio Lapel which was the best solution, nice and close to the source and on her person. Although yoga isn't an intense practise, she still moved around a lot, facing up down, left and right which is where a boom just wouldn't work. Having said that, I did set up a boom mic as a backup.

It was a great 2 day shoot, lots of fun and laughs between the team which made the long days pass fairly quickly, although the relaxing voice and breathing techniques did make us rather sleepy.

The editing was fairly straight forward, having set up a Multicam Timeline switching between the cameras. Colour correcting, audio adjustments followed by creating small animated In and Out cards. The project was completed.


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